At Brinkman, we’ve been privileged to work with several prime contractors over the course of our tenure. Our position as a small business allows us to help these clients meet their Small Business Enterprise (SBE) requirements without sacrificing the resources generally afforded to larger companies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to function in tandem with our customers while acting with the organization and experience of a larger organization. At the same time, we leverage our small size to react quickly to changes.


Meeting Standards

All our materials are DFARS-compliant, and our team is intimately familiar with military standards. That ensures that no factor gets overlooked during the processes of quoting and production. We pride ourselves not just on meeting the expectations of our clients, but on exceeding them.

At Brinkman Defense, we understand that the best and longest-lasting relationships are built through dedication and partnership. We strive to offer services that inspire confidence in our ability to satisfy stringent government requirements. We understand the intricacies of government contracts and projects, and our team knows how to get everything you need the first time.


Brinkman’s Commitment to Clients

When you work with Brinkman Defense on your military or defense project, you gain benefits such as:

  • Problem solving. Our comprehensive approach to problem solving means that we know which questions to ask to ensure that your project is completed without delay.
  • Expertise. Our engaged and committed team is well-equipped to assess project plans and offer guidance. Our team can also offer critical insight throughout projects in order to ensure that pricing, repeatability, and streamlined functionality are all the best that they can be.
  • Experience. The practical machining experience of our staff helps us to effectively realize the engineering visions brought to us by our customers.
  • Facilities. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools that give us the capabilities to fabricate complex components within tight tolerances.


Engineering Innovation and Advancement Group

At Brinkman Defense, we understand the mission-critical nature of military and defense components means that they must be reliable and safe when they leave our facilities—and we’re dedicated to making sure that happens. Our Engineering Innovation and Advancement Group is dedicated driving efficiency in our processes and techniques.

This team is does not have routine operational assignments, but instead serves as consultants and advisors for our customers and internal staff. Having this team on staff means that our clients don’t need to have their own engineering group to find ways to cut costs or to identify manufacturing and engineering inefficiencies.

At Brinkman Defense, we produce high-quality parts that meet the stringent needs of government contractors and the applications they serve. We understand the fine details and robust requirements that go into creating defense parts, machinery, and components, and our clients can always trust that products received from us will never disappoint. If you’re interested in learning more about our offerings and services, please contact us today.