Specializing in Industrial and Defense Contracting, Subcontracting, Project Development, Prototyping and Production

Brinkman Industrial and Defense (BDF), a privately held small business located in Rochester, New York, has been deeply rooted in the machining industry since 1894. BDF joins Brinkman Precision, Inc., MSK Precision, Inc., Gates Albert, Inc., Davenport Machine, and CJ Winter as the newest subsidiary of the Brinkman International Group, Inc. Brinkman International Group has been involved with defense-related manufacturing since 1919, when the Davenport multi-spindle screw machine was first used to produce munitions and artillery parts for the American military.

In 2017, Brinkman International Group formalized Brinkman Industrial and Defense to specialize in manufacturing precision parts for industrial and defense industries. However, our ability to manufacture isn’t our single greatest asset. Because of the importance of our focus, we have had the opportunity to select some of the best engineers, operators, deburring technicians, and quality control technicians from within the Brinkman International Group and beyond. BDF operates as a small business with the resources and support of an established corporation. This unique combination of talents, assets and financial security allows us to take on complex contracts that other companies cannot.

Brinkman Industrial and Defense prides itself on offering a full-service manufacturing experience. Whether prototyping or production, our customers rely on our engineering, programming, deburring, and plating expertise to bring their projects to fruition. Our services range from machining of communication chassis to complex defense-related weapons systems. BDF work involves a mix of low to high volume with moderate to complex geometry in various materials. If you entrust us with your projects, you will see what sets us apart from the competition: strong communication, unequaled customer service, and quality beyond your expectations.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your manufacturing goals.