Like many government agencies, the Department of Defense (DOD) often seeks out small businesses when sourcing contractors. Pairing up with a small business proves beneficial for both parties.

Brinkman Defense has the equipment, experience, and engineering resources to successfully develop new solutions for the defense sector. We always welcome the opportunity to support the development of new DOD programs and components.



Our experienced employees can provide superior insight into the best practices of development and engineering. Each of our divisions has its own engineering group, and our company has a full research and development division to support all contracts. We specialize in precision machining services such as:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Heat treating
  • EDM

Additionally, we have mechanical and electrical engineers on staff to support the above services. No matter the contract requirements, we have a substantial pool of resources available for any project that comes our way.

Our engineers work hand-in-hand with DOD officials to develop products to any desired specifications. We collaborate with design engineers to identify areas for improvement and make expert recommendations. This helps us to ensure the best possible results right from the start.


Benefits of DOD Project Development with Brinkman

At Brinkman Defense, we have a great deal of experience and success in the machining of highly-complex additive manufacturing and 3D-printed parts. We have a history of machining these components from prototype concepts all the way to full production runs.

We offer the following benefits for DOD prototyping:

  • Equipment. In the interests of handling a variety of project volumes, we maintain dedicated equipment specifically for small runs, prototyping, and project development. This means that our prototyping and development capabilities never suffer as a result of a larger production run in progress for another project.
  • Scalability. We can scale our services from development and prototyping to manufacturing. This means that we can be the manufacturer on the initial stages of the project and carry our knowledge and expertise of the design straight through product development and full production. Since we provide end-to-end services, the transition from prototypes to production is seamless at Brinkman, avoiding the usual delays associated with onboarding a new manufacturer after the design phase is complete.
  • Quality. We can also work with any type of metals from standard materials to exotic alloys. We have state-of-the-art equipment which can machine within very tight tolerances and achieve highly-complex part geometries. We possess the most up-to-date inspection equipment available and can inspect any machined feature for accuracy and precision. Our inspection equipment can check measurements on defense prototypes and other parts within 50 millionths of an inch.


A Small Business with Large Capabilities

Brinkman Defense has a great deal of experience meeting the stringent needs of DOD contracts. We are a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with extensive internal capabilities and a full network of reliable vendors that can provide nearly any machining or secondary service necessary. We are ITAR-certified, familiar with all relevant aspects of Mil-Spec, and have fulfilled multiple DOD contracts successfully.

For more information about our DOD prototyping and DOD project development capabilities, please contact us.