Brinkman Defense specializes primarily in Department of Defense (DOD) contracts. This focus gives us a thorough understanding of Mil-Spec standards, the realities of U.S. military applications, and the strict requirements of the DOD and DLA. This expertise makes us an ideal partner for DOD entities and other defense contractors.


Department of Defense Contracts

Brinkman Defense has completed multiple DOD contracts, giving us substantial first-hand experience and knowledge in the specifics of government contract management.

We provide complete traceability from material sourcing through final delivery. Our comprehensive records track every touch point to facilitate thorough audits, ensure compliance with sourcing and manufacturing requirements, and provide visibility during the shipping process. On-time, accurate delivery is a staple of our service.

Our team is intimately familiar with Mil-std-129 labeling and Mil-std-2073 packaging regulations, ensuring that shipment and delivery goes smoothly. We have a comprehensive familiarity with the packaging process and can organize and maintain all necessary records and labeling to get your products delivered on time.

Our experienced staff also understands the complexities of the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) suite and can streamline billing and invoicing. Our services include complete contract management from the order placement to the final payment.


The Benefits We Deliver on DOD Contracts

It is important to choose the right company when looking for help managing your company’s defense contracts. As an experienced DOD contractor, we offer the following advantages to our customers:

Brinkman Defense possesses all relevant compliance certifications and registrations necessary to fulfill DOD contracts, including:

  • Registered with Security Account Manager (SAM)
  • CAGE code registration
  • ITAR certified/registered
  • Compliant with the newest revision of the DD2345/JCP form (March 31, 2019) DFARS compliant
  • Mil-std-129 labeling requirements
  • Mil-std-2079 packaging regulations
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certified
  • ISO 9001-2015, AS 9100 R&D, NADCAP, FDA

We focus on a wide array of metal manufacturing specialties, including machining and precision turning. Our robust and reliable supply chain includes secondary processes such as heat treating and plating. We can also inspect orders according to strict, customer standards.

Our experts are always available to answer your questions. Our team is familiar with the details of managing and completing defense contracts without delays or complications. We can also customize the workflow process to meet your company’s unique considerations or requirements.

With our expertise and capabilities, we have fulfilled Department of Defense contracts for manufacturing projects such as:

  • Aircraft and auxiliary aircraft equipment
  • Armaments and ammunition
  • Fluid power and valve pieces
  • Firearm components
  • Larger components for cannons
  • Ordnance and ordnance accessories
  • Small arms

Defense Contracting with Brinkman Defense

Our team at Brinkman Defense has the expertise and work ethic to make sure your contract is completed and delivered on time. We are a small business with big business capabilities—we can fulfill the needs of any defense contract, no matter how big or how small.

Contact us today for more information about our capabilities and how we can support your DOD contract needs.